Cooling, heating, dehumidifying with one single device, providing perfect temperature on board!

MBC Marine – SCP type systems are direct evaporation equipments having two separate units (condensing and ventillation) which make them the ideal solution to serve the air conditioning needs of sailing electric and motor boats.
The use of split systems minimizes the noise level of cabins and is the optimal solution when there is not enough room to install an SCU equipment.

MBC Marine – SCP systems can be ordered in 7 types from 8000 to 24,000 BTU / h cooling capacity, but we also produce customized units – for individual sizes and applications. Thanks to its heat pump design, it also offers reverse cycle operation, thus providing a convenient solution for heating the airspace of the vessels in heating mode. The different the types of the series are all lightweight and compact in design for simple service and installation.

All MBC Marine – SCP systems contain two main components: condensing and venting units. The most common installation procedure is when the condensing unit is placed in the engine compartment so this makes it possible to isolate the noise of the compressor simply, while the ventilation unit generally os installed in a seating compartment of a cabin. When using split systems, condensing and ventilation units connect with insulated copper refrigerant pipes. As a standard we offer 2.5 m long insulated tubes, but in individual sizes this distance can be increased up to 7-8m.
MBC Marine – SCP type airconditioning systems are provided with elegant LCD backlit digital control panels as part of our standard packages. These units are equipped with easy-to-remove and washable air filters to ensure constant filtration and continuous cleaning of internal air exchange in air-conditioned boats.

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